Friday, August 20, 2010

Good vibes for the D from Vice

The Beehive Project collaborative art installation in progress @ Movement 2010. Photo courtesy of Vanessa Miller.

Vice Magazine has an August blog entry, titled "Uneven Terrain: Long Live Detroit," that follows up on their article last of September calling the mainstream media to task for its indulgence in the ruin porn photojournalist genre for which the Motor City serves as America's top model. The current piece, which is mostly a photo essay and still in a lot of respects misses the boat, at least get the DIY aspect of cultural and other forms of production in Detroit right. As they say, things are happening in the city these days because there’s usually no one around to stop anyone with an idea from gettin’ ‘er done, especially with a little help from their friends. A ViceTV documentary video is scheduled to come out in the near future, which one hopes will open up the lens a bit more and capture more of what’s truly going on.

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