Saturday, April 26, 2014

Damian on Design, Deux

On February 28, I was invited back on to the Damian on Design radio program, which airs on WLBY AM 1290 out of Ann Arbor. This time I brought along one of my favorite students, CCS Fiber Design Junior Samatha Mast. She recently won a prestigious finalist spot in an international design competition that will send her to New York in May, all expenses paid. We had a good conversation about that and many other things. This two-part video records the in-studio exchange. Thanks to Damian Farrell and Lucy Ann Lance for the invite and to Samatha for being so hard working and bright.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

In Conversation with Cedric Tai

Cedric Tai and me at Re:View Gallery (Photo: Michelle Perron).
Fellow Kresge Fellow (Visual Art '09) Cedric Tai has a show up at Re:View Gallery on Willis in Detroit.  The show is titled "We Need More ________!" and it's a real departure from Tai's previous work, which recently has consisted of abstract painting. The new show is much more concept toying with the idea of work and the condundrums of it as it relates to the art world. The artist is working on site during the exhibition's run.

Tai invited me to have a conversation on Friday, April 11, that wasn't the typical artist/moderator thing. In fact, he interviewed me about my long-time performance piece "Getting Over at the Office" (1987-2000). The conversation went other places as well. Below is a Soundcloud recording of the talk, which took place on the patio in front of the gallery. Below that are some video clips that capture part of the day.

I thank Cedric and also gallery director Simone DeSousa for the invite. It was a fun outing. I will be writing something about the performance piece for ∞ Mile in the near future. It will have images of some of the documentation and some links to other stuff. Stay tuned.

Cedric Tai, "We Need More _______!", continues at Re:View Gallery, 444 W. Willis, #112, Detroit, between Cass and Second, until Saturday, April 19. Call 313-833-9000 for information.