Wednesday, August 18, 2010

DAM Box Show 2 final curtain call this Friday

Above: Video by Gary Schwarz

Final bidding on the auctioning of artist's boxes at the Detrtoit Artists Market closes Friday, Aug. 20

This year's show consists of old movie film storage boxes donated by the Wayne State library and there are some pretty nice ones to be had, as usual. This year's group contains nearly 200 entries, and it's quite amazing how people take up the competitive gauntlet and oftentimes push themselves into new areas.

The DAM Box Show, and its predecessors the original box shows at the Willis Gallery, the various Detroit Focus iterations, and even DAM in previous incarnations, have always been as much about the creative community supporting one another (in other words, taking part in the art of the commons) as anything else. And in that regard they've always made a lot more sense to me than the many calls artists get to support any number of other causes with their work. Noble as they may be, in the latter case, so often well-heeled collectors who could pay more get to walk off with bargains and the self-satisfaction of their "enlightened" philanthropy, and that just irritates me and a lot of other artists I know.

Anyway, enough with the kvetching. Check out DMA and put down a few bids.

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