Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Welcome Leon Johnson to the D

Had an opportunity to meet Leon Johnson (pictured left) @ a little soiree Michael Stone Richards had last night.
This fall, Johnson will be taking over as Chair of the Fine Arts Dept @ College for Creative Studies.

Johnson is sometimes described as a "convergence artist." He brings together a wide range of mediums, which he calls "delivery systems," in realizing his creative projects.

He's coming to the Motor City via the University of Maine where he's currently Associate for Critical Engagement in the interdisciplinary studio program. That's a welcome addition to CCS in my book as I've found students there generally in need of bulking up on their intellectual chops. (Keep your sketchbooks in your backpacks kids and listen up!)

Originally from South Africa, Johnson has an MFA in intermedia from University of Oregon. He's exhibited and published internationally and he's also received a Pollock/Krasner Foundation award. All in all, he seems like a pretty cool guy.

Click here to read an interview with him done a couple of years back. Also, we've agreed to meet for breakfast in the next few weeks, so I'll have my own contribution to post.


  1. I like my sketchbook.

  2. I actually love my sketchbook..the seed of all my creative thinking and thought processes