Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Kresge Arts in Detroit profile video

This past weekend, the new cohort of 2011 Kresge Arts in Detroit Fellows had their inaugural weekend retreat, thus officially concluding my fellowship year. At the same time, I received the long version of my KAID profile video.  Stephen McGee and his crew Cory and Chris did a great job. Also thanks to the Kresge Foundation for footing the bill on this and other things, and for what has been a very memorable experience.

Above video: Vince Carducci, 2010 Kresge Artist Fellow produced and directed by Stephen McGee LLC.
© Kresge Arts in Detroit, College for Creative Studies


  1. Well said. I hope this does not mean that motownreviewofart has run out of shelf life. Hope you can see your way to continue this connecting-the-dots review style here or somewhere else in the future. Thank you for what I have learned here.


  2. I'm hoping to do a lot more in the next year. I'm working on a dissertation and am going to use the blog as a place to document the research.

  3. What a fantastic video...

    I have a love-hate relationship with Detroit & this video warms up my heart for the Motor City and the great creative community that lives and works there...

    I am living in Florida now... because of the economic disaster that fell upon southeast Michigan... I was one of many who lost almost everything... I am still in transition and reinventing myself...

    I now enjoy the sunshine & the dramatic summer skies of Florida... As a photographer warm-light and vivid-color drive my artwork...

    So... I do feel sad... to leave behind such an amazing creative community in Detroit...

  4. Awesome video. So glad Detroit is making a comeback!

  5. Certainly it was, I don't know that people but in some way i feel very proud that there's still some humans in this world.