Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Public Pool on Model D TV

The webzine Model D posted this three-minute clip on the Hamtown art space Public Pool, featuring an interview with co-founder Steve Hughes. In the perennially beleaguered Detroit art world, there are always at any given time spaces that serve as facilitators of community, spots where the tribe gathers to reaffirm some semblance of identity and self-respect. Back in the days of Cass Corridor it was the Willis Gallery and before that the Red Door. After that it was spaces like the Michigan Gallery (which had the added benefit of possessing a rather robust pick-up bar scene, all the more active for being disguised under a layer of artsy hifalutin-ness), the Cement Space, AC,T, detroit contemporary/CAID, etc. Public Pool has all the requisites: four walls that maintain the proper level of authentic rawness, a keg (provided courtesy of the good folks @ Traffic Jam & Snug), and bit of entertainment, usually off-beat enough to again project an aura of vanguard cred. The show opening Saturday, January 15 riffs on the Detroit International Auto Show, featuring nine artists who address the effect cars have had on the landscape and our lives.

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