Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Welcome to the Motown Review of Art

Over the past decade, the National Arts Journalism Project of the Columbia School of Journalism has released several studies on the decline in the depth and breadth of arts coverage in metropolitan media markets across the nation, the result primarily of industry consolidation and consequent synergies. Nowhere has this been more evident than in metropolitan Detroit. The irony is that the quality and quantity of visual arts production in particular in the region is as good as it has ever been, maybe even better.

The Motown Review of Art blog is an attempt to redress this dearth of coverage with an ongoing series of articles exploring topics that are otherwise going unreported. Some of the stories I contemplate include reviews of local art shows, artist’s profiles, and more in-depth coverage, such as investigating some of the spaces (for example, the Russell Industrial Center and North End Studios in Detroit) where the city’s productive legacy is being repurposed for the needs of a new creative class who may well be the future of our economic viability and major contributors to our quality of life.

The "MoRe Art" blog is a work in progress. I'll fooling around with changing the format, uploading, linking, and such as we go along. Check back from time to time to see what develops.


  1. June 16th is just a few days before our inaugural opening of Detroit's newest art gallery, SEKTR 1. We are at 4884 Grand River, Detroit, just west of WSU. When your blog developes, we'll be happy to share more input w/ you about coming events at our space....but first, we're going to need a website....bryant tillman

  2. Excellent. You can friend me on Facebook and do an announcement that way or contact me through the email listed on the Editor's Profile.